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Inis In Spain

Pure Melts Spain are very proud to be exclusive Inis stockists in Spain.

So what is Inis. Well firstly Inis is pronounced Inish & Inis is Irish for Island

I first came across Inis several years ago when I was on holiday with my husband in Cape Cod. We were wandering about in this pretty little town & happened to come across this cute gift shop & inside was the very first time I came upon Inis. The shop had a lovely display with Inis products with testers for everything & I had a little spray of Inis cologne & said how nice it was and we went on our way. I am not kidding you that for the rest of the day & well into the evening I kept smelling my wrist where I had sprayed the cologne & I said to my husband how much I loved it & that I was going back  to purchase some, which we did the very next morning. Inis turned out to be a unisex fragrance so I had to be careful where I left my bottle!!!!

Since that day in Cape Cod Inis has been my all time favourite fragrance & not only have I bought the cologne but the whole range of hand & body care, bath products & even home fragrance products. Everytime I wear this cologne I get comments about how lovely it smells.

When I opened my own Pure Melts Spain store earlier this year I contacted Inis & asked if there was a possibility of me selling their products in my store & after sending a little video to Grace who works there to show her my shop, she immediately said that they would be delighted for me to sell Inis in Spain. Pure Melts Spain is officially exclusive stockists of Inis in Spain, which I am delighted about.

Inis, The Energy of the Sea is a sparkling , clean unisex fragrance that captures the feeling of a perfect sunny day by the sea. It is a boutique brand favouite around the world & is now available in Spain.

Light & invigorating, the scent of Inis has an extraordinary wide appeal to all ages, and to both men & women.

Inis is the Irish word for Island , and the fragrance was inspired by the beauty  & energy of the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland. The cold pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean are the source of the nutrient-rich seaweed found in all of Inis body care products.

Inis is a family owned business & as such are great supporters of other small independent businesses which is great news for Pure Melts Spain. Inis believe in small business. One of their ethics is shop local, shop small.

Please see the Inis section on this website where I am adding more Inis products as they arrive at my store. 

I am sure you will love Inis just like I do. If you like being close to the sea, then Inis is definitely for you.

Inis are highly committed to the welfare , protection & conservation of dolphins & whales & all products & packaging are environmentally friendly.

Inis- The Energy of The Sea.